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April 19, 2010

Screencast of Modelling Tool for Google Wave

We've created a screencast to show you an early beta version of our collaborative modelling tool for Google Wave. Enjoy!

The modelling language seen in the video is the "Business Process Modelling Notation" (BPMN). To suit your modelling needs, our editor also supports
Right now we are working on some exciting new features and optimizations (like improving the loading time). So stay tuned and watch out for our public release at the end of May 2010!

April 16, 2010

It's alive! Real time collaborative modeling in Google Wave

We are currently working full time on our project of integrating the ORYX editor into Google Wave. We aim to provide a fully featured real-time collaborative diagram editor. Here's a quick rundown of what we have accomplished so far:

Real-time collaboration

Your diagram is kept in sync over all of the connected clients which means that you can see the actions of remote users just as they are being performed. Adding new users to a modeling session in progress is a breeze: Just invite them to your current Wave.

Distributed Undo and Redo

Users expect modern applications to provide undo and redo functionality. Though this is significantly harder to implement for a collaborative and distributed application, we have found a reliable and intuitive way to make undo work just as you would expect it to do in a single-user application.

Farbrausch - easy user identification by colors

To make tracking changes easy, all model elements cast colored shadows. Because each user has a unique color associated with them, it is very easy to see which shape was edited by whom. If you want to know more, a tool tip will provide you with further information.

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