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May 18, 2010

The Editor

We are happy to announce the release of the Editor, a fully collaborative diagram editor for Google Wave.
The Editor is a new approach to modeling tools, aiming to make the creation of diagrams an inherently collaborative process.

Try it out now!
Try the Editor now by using the installer in this Wave.

Watch the screencast

Real-time collaboration

The Editor utilizes the technology of Google Wave: No matter how many people are editing one diagram, changes will be propagated in near real-time.

To make keeping track of changes easy, a changelog lists all actions that were performed on the diagram. Additionally, the changelog doubles as a time machine. With it you can revert the diagram to any previous state it was in at some point of time.

To communicate with other modelers you can annotate the diagram by simply drawing on it. This way you point out modeling errors and suggest improvements. You can also use this feature for real-time communication, e.g. to support a point you make via voice chat.


The Editor is open sourced under the terms of the MIT license. It offers a powerful plugin system which makes it easy to add new features as well as modeling languages. You can check out the code on

Five modeling languages

The Editor is based on the mature web-based diagram editor ORYX. We currently support five modeling languages:
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