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December 4, 2009


Did you ever wonder if it is spelled misbehavior or missbehavior? Now there is an gadget for that! Just punch in both possible spellings into Google Fight and hit Fight! The word with the most Google hits will win and is the correct spelling - probably.But that's not all! There are endless use cases for Google Fight:
  • Who is more popular? Michael or Peter? Just ask Google Fight.
  • Which place is nicer? Berlin or Potsdam? Google Fight knows the answer!
  • What should we eat for lunch? Pizza or Burger? Hit the Fight-Button and know what is good for you!
  • Should I cheat on my girlfriend? Yes or No?
Try it out for yourself and visit our public wave, where we provide an installer for this gadget. It's as easy as 1-2-3.

We would also like to point out, that Google Fight is fully collaborative. You see when other participants of the wave edit the words in the gadget just as you would expect from Google Wave.

Warning: If your life depends on it, do not depend on Google Fight!

Interested? Try and install gadget! Your feedback is very welcome!


  1. nutzt ihr oder de als grundlage?

  2. The gadget uses Google's Search API, which is probably based on

  3. this may be a problem just occurring to mem but whenever i type a letter into one of the text fields my cursor jumps to an entirely different place

  4. Hello Michael,
    that is a known bug for Firefox users. Do you use Firefox? You can avoid this bug by pressing the "Done"-Button of the wavelet before using Google Fight!


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