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December 23, 2010

Hello, Shared Spaces!

Update (Oct 15, 2011): Google has discontinued Shared Spaces and integrated its technology into Google+ Hangouts. The Editor for Shared Spaces is no longer available, but you should check out its integration into Google+ Hangouts!

Google has created a new home for Wave gadgets: Google Shared Spaces. Google says it is an “easy way for you to share mini-collaborative applications, like scheduling tools or games, with your friends or colleagues”. Of course, you can also include our very own Editor in a Shared Space. To get started with a new Space, just click here and send the link to your friends inviting them to a collaborative modeling session! To participate, they just need a Google, Twitter or Yahoo account.

PS: Are you planning on developing your own gadget for Shared Spaces? Check out our syncro library for concurrent editing.


  1. @PFL: The editor uses technologies currently not supported by IE8. Sorry.. The editor was designed to work with Chrome, Firefox and Safari.


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