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October 6, 2011

Diagram Editor for Google+ Hangouts

The Diagram Editor is back - on Google+!

The Diagram Editor for Google+ Hangouts enables you to collaboratively create diagrams with your friends while you videochat with them in a Google+ Hangout: Everyone can contribute to the diagram and everyone sees your edit in realtime. It feels like all your friends are hanging out in the same conference room editing the diagram on a giant whiteboard without the need for being in the same physical location. It basically brings all the advantages of collaborative diagram editing you are used to from Google Wave to Google+ Hangouts. Watch the screencast to learn more:

Unfortunately, Google has not yet released Hangouts API to the general public. Once they do, you’ll be able to take the Diagram Editor for Google+ Hangouts for a test spin and I will tell you on this very blog how to do that. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, you can check out the code of the project on Google Code or learn more about the diagram editor on Google+. Update: The project has been moved to GitHub.


  1. Cool, so does Google hangouts actually use the Wave protocol? Did it take much to convert it over? I always thought that wave would be a hit in a social media facebook style layout.
    If they make it compatible it'd be a brilliant way to bring back all the cool wave apps, because video conference was what was missing from the original google client.

  2. @Cam: The Google+ Hangouts API is pretty similar to the old Wave API. It should be possible to port most gadgets over, but it might require some work as the APIs differ in small little details.

  3. Thanks for bringing the Diagram Editor into Hangouts!

    I also still use it in the Apache Wave-in-a-Box (WiaB) project (on the demo server). You can see the list of gadgets suggested to WiaB users in this file:

    About that, the "Google Fight" gadget isn't working anymore. Its XML was hosted on this site ( Any chance to bring it back?


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